Kwon Lab News

August 12, 2017 DZD MedTech Innovator 2017

August 7, 2017 Day Zero Diagnostics Completes $3M Series Seed Fundraiser

July 31, 2017 The New World Order of Artificial Intelligence–DZD Highlighted in Forbes Tech Article

June 26, 2017 Kwon Lab finding on effects of the vaginal microbiome on HIV risk named one of Top Women’s Health Science Advances for 2017 by NIAID

June 2, 2017  Melis Anahtar’s Ph.D. research showcased in Harvard-MIT HST Forum

May 23, 2017  DZD accepted to the MassChallenge International Finalist Group

April 17, 2017  David Gootenberg and Justin Rice win HIVMA Medical Student Award

April 14, 2017  DZD wins MedTech Innovators Award 

March 21, 2017  JAMA: Cervicovaginal Bacteria May Influence HIV Risk 

January 30, 2017  BMJ: Susceptibility of heterosexual sub-Saharan women to HIV could be the result of cervicovaginal microbiome characteristics 

January 11, 2017  Cosmopolitan: This Factor Could Make You More Susceptible to HIV

January 10, 2017  Popular Science: Certain kinds of vaginal bacteria can actually boost HIV risk

January 10, 2017  Bacterial Communities of Female Genital Tract Impact HIV Infection Risk 

October 20, 2016  Medpage Today: Vaginal Bacteria Affect HIV Risk – Lactobacillus dominance appears protective

August 19, 2016  PBS NewsHour: As researchers are uncovering the complexity of communities of bacteria that occupy the vagina, they are also finding ways to strengthen them, crafting new tools that not only could make women less susceptible to HIV but also improve their health overall. Douglas Kwon (HMS/Mass General) is quoted.

July 18, 2016  Science: Vaginal bacteria species can raise HIV infection risk and undermine prevention. Douglas Kwon (HMS/Mass General) is quoted.

June 21, 2016  Day Zero Diagnostics wins MGH 2016 DOM Innovation Pilot Grant

June 16, 2016  Doug Kwon interviewed for Inside Ragon podcast 

June 8, 2016  Jesús Luévano receives funding for clinical learning and research through the HIVMA Medical Student Program

March 24, 2016  Day Zero Diagnostics wins the Harvard Business School New Ventures business competition

March 23, 2016 Day Zero Diagnostics is Named 2016 HBSAB New Venture Competition Winner

March 1, 2016   Jesús Luévano featured in Scientific American

February 25, 2016  Jesús Luévano presents on HIV Associated Changes in the Gut Microbiome at CROI 2016

January 2016  Elizabeth Byrne’s paper highlighted by UNAIDS

December 30, 2015  Findings on HIV Risk and Hormonal Contraception in Sub-Saharan Africa published in Lancet Infectious Disease  

October 17, 2015  Doug Kwon presents keynote address at the 2015 APSA Northeast Regional Meeting

October 10, 2015  Doug Kwon gives symposium at annual meeting of the Infectious Disease Society of America

September 27, 2015  Day Zero Diagnostics selected for the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program (VIP)

August 1, 2015   Jesus Luevano, Jr. Awarded the 2015 Doris Duke Clinical Research Mentorship Grant

July 15, 2015   Anahtar et al. Immunity paper listed among the Faculty of 1000

May 19, 2015   Bacterial communities of female genital tract have impact on inflammation, HIV risk

March 9, 2015  Enumeral Biomedical announces agreement with the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard

March 9, 2015  Enumeral and the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard to Research Human Mucosal Immunology with Immune Profiling System

February 19, 2015  Bjorn Corleis Awarded Postdoc Recognition Award by the Mass General Postdoc Association (MGPA)

November 26, 2014  Elizabeth Byrne awarded Rhodes Scholarship 

May 19, 2014  Radcliffe Awards Elizabeth Byrne Fay Prize for Top Thesis: The Female Genital Tract Microbiome and Hormonal Contraception in the Context of Genital Immune Activation and HIV Acquisition 

2011 Dr. Douglas S. Kwon MD, PhD awarded Burroughs Wellcome Career Award